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Sponsor group registrations of 25+ delegates and receive a unique code with which your invitees can sign up online. The sponsor logo will be featured on the personalized registration confirmation letter sent to the attendees and on the pre-congress, email contacting their e-badge.

USD 35,000 (per one-hour slot)
There will be no other featured symposia during your time slot.

• A 60-minute session which can be delivered through a pre-recorded presentation followed by a live Q&A session (other formats can be discussed).

• The symposium will run in a time slot with no other congress sessions and will be made accessible post-congress for 12-month period through the TTS 2020 Virtual Library.

• A total of nine slots are available, click here to see the program at a glance and the scheduled time of the satellite symposia in your preferred time zone.

What is included:

  • Technical assistance to pre-record the presentation/s and during the session
  • A platform to manage the live Q&A session, including a pre-congress training session for the speakers
  • 25 complimentary registrations to TTS 2020 Virtual Congress  
  • Statistical data on attendance (number of attendees in sessions per country and profession

Advertising and promotional benefits, including:

    • Listing of the Symposium information on a dedicated page of the TTS 2020 Virtual Website
    • Opportunity for the sponsor to run a pre-congress questionaire (to be provided by the sponsor)
    • Rotating banner advert on the TTS 2020 Virtual Website
    • Inclusion of the symposium details in the pre-congress e-blasts
    • Banner advert on the online program (in line with the symposium details)
    • Sponsor video or advert in the waiting room preceding the start of the symposium
    • Ability to direct attendees to the Sponsor Information page once the session ends
    • Inclusion of the symposium information on the “what’s on today” announcement during the virtual congress
    • Opportunity for the delegates to bookmark the symposia on the web app and add it to their personal calendar

Show your support for the TTS 2020 Virtual Congress and the transplantation community by sponsoring the recording of the scientific sessions.

Sponsor a virtual session and receive the following benefits:

  • Sponsor advert or 1-minute video displayed in the waiting room prior to the start of the session
  • Sponsor logo in the introduction slide at the start of the session
  • A sponsor banner on the lower third of the screen during the presentation
  • Sponsor logo on the closing slide with the opportunity to add a link to the sponsor website
  • Sponsor logo in the digital congress program, in line with session details
  • Statistical data on attendance per country and profession All sessions will be accessible post-congress through the TTS 2020 Virtual Library, expanding the promotional opportunity beyond the congress days

Important Note:
Sponsorship of any of the scientific sessions is intended to support the development and quality delivery of the educational activity.

Sponsor will have no control, nor influence, on session content and/or speaker selection, which will remain the sole responsibility of the Scientific Program Committee.


The President's Plenary Session:
A 2-hour unopposed session will kick-start the Virtual Congress and include presentations by leading global experts. The session will be repeated 3 times to be conveniently accessible in the different time zones.

USD 30,000

Plenary Sessions:
The sponsorship will include a total of 3 plenary sessions (90 minutes each) which will be repeated 3 times a day to be conveniently accessible in the different time zones. Delivered by world-renowned experts, the plenary sessions are the highlight of the scientific program presenting the latest advances on:

  • Plenary 1: Disruptive Technologies in TX
  • Plenary 2: Barriers to Access to Transplantation
  • Plenary 3: New Approaches to Taming T Cells in TX

USD 50,000 (exclusive)

State of the Art (SOTA) Sessions:
Each 30 SOTA sessions (105 minutes each) consisting of 3 -25-minute presentations by invited speakers selected by the Scientific Program Committee. A 30-minute moderated live Q&A and discussion will follow each session.

SOTA topics will include: Basic Science, Paediatrics, Pancreas & Islet, DICG, Kidney, Liver, Xeno, Infectious Disease, Tx in Developing Countries, Tx Nursing, Histocompatibility, Sex and Gender in Tx, VCA, Anesthesia & Critical Care, Thoracic, Intestine and Multivisceral, Donation and Procurement, Tx Immuno, Histopathology, Cell & Regenerative Therapy and more

Sponsorship of SOTA Sessions per day *
Program Part 1 (Day 2): 11 SOTA tracks
Program Part 2 (Day 3): 10 SOTA tracks
Program Part 3 (Day 4): 10 SOTA tracks
USD 45,000
USD 45,000
USD 45,000

Program details: click here to see the scheduled time of the State of the Art (SOTA) sessions in your preferred time zone.

* Selection on first come first served basis

Over 20 workshops will take place during TTS 2020 Virtual to provide a more in depth and hand-on prospective on a variety of current topics. Scheduled for 90 minutes, each workshop will include 3 to 4 presentations by invited faculty followebrd by an opportunity to interact with the presenters through a live Q&A and discussion session.

Sponsorship of the Congress Workshops per day *
Program Part 1 (Day 2): 7 total Workshop tracks
Program Part 2 (Day 3): 8 total Workshop tracks
Program Part 3 (Day 4): 7 total Workshop tracks
USD 15,000
USD 15,000
USD 15,000

Program details: click here to see the scheduled time of the Workshop sessions in your preferred time zone.

* Selection on first come first served basis

Best Oral Abstract Sessions:
Top-scored, peer reviewed abstracts have been carefully selected to bring the latest research and studies in multiple disciplines in the field of transplantation

Each Best Oral Abstract Session will run for 45 minutes, including 4 - 7-minute presentations, followed by a 15-minutes live Q&A moderated session with the presenters.

Your sponsorship will include 37 total Best Oral Abstract sessions scheduled during the congress days. Click here to see the scheduled time of the Best Abstracts sessions in your preferred time zone.

USD 25,000

COVID19 Symposium:
A six-hour curriculum will be released pre-congress on Thursday, September 9, followed by live Q&A sessions right after the President's Plenary Session.

The curriculum will cover relevant aspects and specific recommendations on the impact of COVID19 for the transplant physicians. Attendees may ask the questions live in a chat box and we will start each session by responding to the hottest questions received via the Congress WebApp prior to the session.

There will be three separate live Q&A as to reach the entire global community. Recordings of the Q&A will be available shortly after each presentation. The session will be repeated to be conveniently accessible in the different time zones.

USD 35,000

The Medawar Prize:
The Transplantation Society has awarded the Medawar Prize at each of its biennial Congresses since 1990. Designed to honor Sir Peter Medawar, the first President of the Society, for his seminal contributions to transplantation, it is considered to be among the outstanding world honors for scientific achievement.

The prize recognizes individuals who have made a significant scientific discovery or contribution to our field, or who have a lifetime body of work in immunobiology, experimental and/or clinical transplantation.

Winner of the Nobel Prize in 1960 for opening the field of transplantation biology, Peter Brian Medawar began his career as a young Oxford zoologist. Too tall for military service in World War II, the War Wounds Committee of the British Medical Research Council, concerned about the treatment of burned airmen, firmly suggested that he be “of service to the medical community” and examine why skin could not be accepted between individuals. Initially working with a plastic surgeon in the Burns Unit of the Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Medawar returned to Oxford where he confirmed in rabbits his clinical observations that genetic differences between donor and host evoke differential immune responses and that the subject would eject a “second set” of skin grafts from the same donor in an accelerated fashion; in brief – that immunological host mechanisms mediate graft behavior. Later, with colleagues Rupert E. Billingham and Leslie Brent (“The Holy Trinity”), he showed in mice that introduction of specific foreign cells during fetal or neonatal life could prevent subsequent skin graft rejection. The subject of “immunological tolerance” continues to captivate investigators to this day. A lifelong contributor and supporter of our emerging field, Medawar’s scientific, literary, and philosophical influences remain as guiding lights for those who have followed.

USD 25,000


$ 75,000 USD – exclusive - SOLD

  • Registered delegates will have access to the Congress WebApp. Sponsor’s logo appears prominently at the top of the main screen, and in the footer of all other pages.
  • WebApp features include full program with agenda builder and note taker, faculty and attendee directories with advanced search and contact/meeting forms, e-posters, chat functionality, the sponsor directory, in addition to:
  • The e-posters portal: expecting over 600 e-posters, the portal will allow delegates to search e-posters by topic, keywords, or author, access the abstract details and supporting documents and connect with the authors via email. A sponsor advert will be displayed when attendees access the portal and an acknowledgment will be featured on each e-poster. All e-posters will be accessible during the congress and will remain available for a period of 12-month through the TTS 2020 Virtual Library.
  • The delegate message centre: accessible when logged into the WebApp, delegates will have the opportunity to exchange emails through the message centre. An advanced filtering tool allows the search by interests and specific professional criteria, facilitating meaningful connections. The sponsor logo will be placed prominently on the message centre and at the footer of the emails exchanged between delegates.
  • Sponsor can provide three push notification that will be displayed over three days, one per day

Note: Other sponsors may have the feature of the push notifications included in their sponsorship

USD 10,000 - per room

To enhance the networking component of the congress, virtual networking rooms will be available concurrently with the live sessions. Delegates will have the ability to hop into thematic virtual rooms where they will be able to engage in discussions with peers from around the world. 

Sponsor will receive the following benefits:

  • Advert display when delegates access the room
  • Pop-up advertising will appear at timed intervals
  • Sponsor logo on the virtual networking rooms dedicated page of the TTS 2020 Virtual Website
  • Opportunity to run surveys while delegates are in the room and incentivize them through a digital giveaway (to be provided by the sponsor)
  • Sponsor logo in the WebApp, in-line with the virtual networking rooms detail
  • Inclusion of the virtual networking room information on the “what’s on today” announcement during the virtual congress
  • 2 complimentary access for staff of the Sponsor
  • Statistical data on attendance (number of attendees, including basic demographic details)

USD 15,000 - exclusive

Sponsor acknowledgment in the online system used by all self-registrant participants to purchase their online pass. The sponsor logo, with a link to the sponsor website, will also be featured on the automatic registration confirmation email sent to self-registering delegates, once they have signed up.

USD 3,500 – per page

The Industry Corner offers sponsors many options to promote their brands, products, and services. Sponsors will be provided with a dedicated page with their logo and company description containing a selection of resources such as images, documents, videos, and the opportunity to engage directly with delegates through surveys and other customized promotions.

The Industry Corner will be promoted on the TTS 2020 Virtual website and WebApp and will be accessible to all registered delegates both during the Congress and for a subsequent period of 12 months.

USD 1,500 – per item

Offer delegates a give-away they can truly use through the TTS 2020 Digital swag bag. Through their e-registration code, delegates can access customized and creative e-gifting and e-products by participating in sponsors contests, surveys or by simply completing an online form. A unique opportunity to engage directly with the attendee’s and a chance to develop new leads. 

Example of e-gifts could include access to whitepapers, scientific resources, journals etc.

Actual e-gifts to be supplied by the sponsor.

Virtual Satellite Symposium
A 60-minute Symposium session
  9 slots available   USD 35,000 - per one-hour slot
Virtual Session Sponsorship
The President's Plenary Session Exclusive USD 30,000 - SOLD
The Medawar Prize Exclusive USD 25,000 - SOLD
Plenary Sessions (3 plenaries total) Exclusive USD 50,000
State of the Art (SOTA) Sessions Part 1 (Day 2)
Part 2 (Day 3)
Part 3 (Day 4)
USD 45,000 - 11 SOTA tracks
USD 45,000 - 10 SOTA tracks
USD 45,000 - 10 SOTA tracks
Workshops Part 1 (Day 2)
Part 2 (Day 3)
Part 3 (Day 4)
USD 15,000 - 7 total Workshop tracks
USD 15,000 - 8 total Workshop tracks
USD 15,000 - 7 total Workshop tracks
Best Oral Abstract Sessions 37 sessions USD 25,000
COVID19 Symposium Exclusive USD 35,000 - SOLD
TTS 2020 WEBAPP Exclusive USD 75,000- SOLD
Virtual Networking and Discussion Rooms 5 available USD 10,000 – per room
Online Registration System Exclusive USD 15,000 - SOLD
Virtual Delegate Bag Unlimited USD 1,500 - per item
Industry Corner Unlimited USD 3,500 - per page
If your company had committed to support and/or exhibit at TTS 2020 and you would like to discuss opportunities that exist to be part of the TTS 2020 Virtual Congress, please contact Kathy Tsandilas (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

What to expect at the TTS 2020 Virtual Congress?

The TTS 2020 Virtual Congress will provide an exceptional opportunity to present the most up-to-date science and clinical practices in transplantation.

Bringing together world-renowned scientists, with 100+ educational hours encompassing all subspecialties in the field of transplantation. Three days of a multi-disciplinary program featuring:


The President’s Plenary






Plenary Sessions


Multidisciplinary Workshops




Best Oral Abstracts Sessions


Thematic Networking Rooms



How Will The TTS 2020 Virtual Congress Be Promoted?

  • TTS Tribune Pulse e-Newsletters sent weekly to a database of 20,000 subscribers in 105 + countries
  • TTS Tribune Quarterly Newsletter
  • TTS Executive Committee, Scientific Program Committee and speakers leveraging their networks
  • TTS affiliated organization networks
  • E-blasts announcements to TTS’ 6700+ members
  • Social media – content across all multiple platforms

TTS WebApp

All activities will be driven by the TTS WebAPP which will allow attendees to use a single login to access all activities as well as provide the opportunity to foster new connections and much more.


Conveniently scheduled to allow all delegates access to live sessions in the morning and afternoon/early evening regardless of their geographic location.


Recordings available immediately after each session.


Live Q&A and discussion sessions with the speakers for genuine interaction. Plenary sessions powered by Vimeo-Livestream and SOTAs, Workshops, Orals powered by Adobe Connect Professional.


Thematic virtual networking rooms powered by Zoom to engage in discussions with your peers from around the world.